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Etruria. Populonia. C. 211-206 BC. Gold 25 Asses, 1.37 g. Head of roaring Lion r., mark of value ‘XXV’ around. Rv: Blank field. Vecchi 47. Very rare. EF $9750

Ex Nobleman collection 1955, Lot 3; Ex Count Laval collection
Ex Collection of an Antiquary

Rome, Augustus, 13 AD. Gold Aureus. Lugdunum mint. Laureate head of Augustus r. Rv: Bare head of Tiberius r. Extremely rare. RIC 225. aEF $27,500

Ex Numismatic Fine Arts
Augustus outlived his intended heirs, first Agrippa, then Agrippa’s sons by Julia, Caius & Lucius. Finally Tiberius was designated heir.
This extremely rare aureus was minted a year before the elderly Augustus died, celebrating the selected new dynasty of the Empire. Of the greatest historical significance.

Rome, Claudius, 41-54 AD. Gold Aureus, 46-47. Laureate head of Claudius r. Rv: Oak wreath. RIC 40. aEF $18,750

Ex Numismatic Ars Classica

Rome, Republic c. 270-265 BC. Didrachm, 7.32 g. Head of Hercules Victor r., club at shoulder. Rv: She-Wolf suckling Romulus and Remus. Cr. 20/1. Rare. Lovely example. EF $8750

Ex Collection of a Classicist
One of the first silver coinages of Rome, perhaps minted from the riches of the conquest of Tarentum in 272 BC.

Rome, Mn. Aquilius, 65 BC. Denarius. Bust of Virtus. Rv: Aquilius raising Sicily. Aquilia 2.  Superb $1350

Rome, Terentius Varro for Pompey the Great, Spring 48 BC. Denarius. Terminal bust of Jupiter r. Rv: Scepter flanked by eagle and dolphin. Cr. 447/1a. Rare. EF $2250

Ex Vecchi 1983
Varro had been Tribune, Quaestor, Curule Aedile and was Praetor when he commanded one of Pompey’s armies. He was pardoned by Caesar and under Augustus was a great writer and scholar.


Rome, L Aemilianus Buca for Julius Caesar, Jan-Feb 44 BC. Denarius. Laureate head of Caesar r., CAESAR IMP M, crescent. Rv: Venus Victrix left. Cr. 480/4 VF+ $3750

Rome, L Aemilianus Buca for Julius Caesar, Feb-March 44 BC. Denarius. Laureate head of Caesar r. Rv: Venus std r. Cr. 480/7b. Rare. Good VF $5775

Ex Archer M. Huntington Collection; Ex American Numismatic Society, inventory 1001.1.22621.





Rome, Mark Antony, 33 BC. Denarius. Bare head r., engraver’s initial ‘P’. Rv: “M SILANUS AUG Q PRO COS” in two lines. Cr. 467/1a. Rare. Nice example. Good VF $1650

Rome, Mark Antony, Autumn 32-Spring 31 BC. Denarius. Galley r. Rv: Aquila, Two Signa, LEG II. Cr. 544/14. Nice example. Good VF $750


Rome, Augustus, 27 BC-14 AD. Denarius. 20-16 BC. Laureate head r. Rv: Two Laurel trees. RIC 51. Rare. aEF $1350

Rome Augustus, 27 BC-14 AD. Denarius. 19 BC. Bare head of Augustus r., CAESAR AUGUSTUS. Rv: Shield inscribed CL.V, Signum, Aquila. SPQR around, SIGNIS RECEPTIS. RIC 86a. Lovely. EF $2500

Ex Archer M. Huntington Collection; Ex American Numismatic Society, inventory 1001.1.24842.

Rome, Tiberius, 14-37 AD. Denarius. 15-16 AD. Laureate head r. Rv: Livia enthroned. RIC 26. EF $1350


Cappadocia, Caesarea. Tiberius, 33-34 AD. Laur. Head of Tiberius r. Rv: Head of Drusus l. RIC 87. Very rare. Good VF $2250

Only depiction in silver of the son and heir of Tiberius, nicknamed Castor, poisoned in 23 AD by Sejanus.

Ex Ryan, lot 2077; Ex Vierdodt collection








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