Anglo Saxon: 690 - 798 AD

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Kent, Hlothere, 673-685: Pale Transitional Sceatta, c. 675. ‘PADA’, Diademed bust r. Rv: Small cross pattee annuleted, runic PADA inscription. N.31. Very rare. Good VF $2250

Kent, Hlothere, 673-685: Sceatta, 1.01 g., c.680. ‘Vanimundus’, Armored bust r. with scepter, DIUS portion of legend. Rv: Small cross, inner double pellet circle, anepigraphic legend. M.86, S.774. EF $3750

Kent, Wihtred, 690-725: Sceatta, 1.17 g. ‘Bx’, c. 690 AD. Diademed bust r., serpent circle, anepigraphic legend. Rv: Bird on cross, on steps, two annulets, in serpent circle, anepigraphic legend. N.124. EF $1675

Ex Lord Stewartby, 3

Kent, Wihtred, 690-725: Sceatta, 1.29 g. ‘C’, c. 700. Radiate head r., runes before. Rv: Standard. BMC 2b. EF $750

Kent, Wihtred, 690-725: Sceatta, 1.26 g. ‘Cz’, c. 700. Radiate head r., runes before. Rv: Standard. N.161, S.779. EF $975
Ex Lord Stewartby, 8; Ex Aston Rowant hoard, Oxon 1971

Wessex, Ine, 688-726.  Sceatta, 1.21 g. ‘O’, c. 720., Dragon rampant. Rv: Figure standing w. two crosses. Rare. BMC 40. Very rare. Lovely example. aEF $1675

Frisia, 700-720. Sceatta. 1.18 g. ‘D’, Porcupine Bird. Rv: Standard. S.792. EF $475


Northumbria, Aldfrith 685-705. Sceatta, 1.12 g, York mint. Heraldic Lion l., triple tail. Rv: Small cross, “ALDFRITHUS”. S.846. Very rare. EF $3750

Northumbria, Eadberht, 737-758. Sceatta, .99 g, York mint. Heraldic Lion l., with twirled tail. Rv: Small pellet cross, “EOTBEREHTVF”. S.847. Rare. EF $975

East Anglia, Eadwald, c. 796-800. Penny, 1.38 g. Ipswich mint. Lul, moneyer. ·+ EΛDΛ/·LD·REX in three lines, five pellets. Rv: + L V L, with pellets around, within curves of quatrefoil divided by beaded saltire; triple pellets in margin. Naismith E3 var.; EMC 2013.0032 (this coin); North 432; SCBC 947 (this coin) Extremely rare. VF+ $9750

Ex Wayne collection

East Anglia. Eadmund. c. 855-870. Penny. Alpha. Rv: Short cross, pellets, “EADWALD MON”. Very rare. N.456. EF $3750

Ex Millennia sale, lot 199; Ex Terner collection; Ex JP Linzalone  (AU58) 

Eadmund, last Saxon king of East Anglia, was captured by the Viking Great Army and sacrificed by Blood-Eagle to Odin.

Kent. Ecgberht II, c. 765-780. Penny, 1.17 g. Canterbury mint. +EGCBERHT around central Rx. Rv: VDD in panel, floral cross above and below. S.874 (this coin), Chick 87. Extremely rare. Good VF $11,750
Found near Oundle, Northamptonshire. EMC 2013.0114 (this coin); Ex Wayne collection

Kent. Ecgberht II, c. 765-780. Penny, .96 g. Canterbury mint. +EGCBERHT around central Rx. Rv: BABBA around crosslets. S.874, Chick 85d (this coin); SCBI Mack, 639 (this coin). Nice example of the highest rarity and importance. Slightest edge chips, Good VF $9750

One of the first silver pennies. Ex Lord Stewartby, 66; Ex Dupree collection; ex Mack Collection; Ex Lockett, 2628; Ex Bascom, 12; Ex Rashleigh collection; Ex Cuff, 279


Archbishops of Canterbury, Jaenberht, 766-792. Penny, c. 780 AD, 1.22 g. Canterbury mint. Small saltire cross, IENBERHT AREP around. Rv: Two lines, “OFFA REX”.  N.234, S.882, Chick 155d (this coin);. Extremely rare. Good VF $13,750

Ex Lord Stewartby, 72; Ex Stack, 252; Ex Wolfshead Gallery; Found Cobham, Rochester 1989; EMC 1999.1002 (this coin)

Archbishops of Canterbury, Æthelheard, 793-805. Penny, 1.34 g.  First issue, under Offa. Canterbury mint. c.792-796. AEDILHE•ARD P◊NT, around cross-crosslet. Rv: ◊FFA REX MERC, pelleted cross. Chick 243b (this coin); S.884. Second known, Extremely rare. EF $11,750

Ex Wayne collection; Ex Marion Sinton collection

Mercia, Offa, 757-796. Penny, 1.35 g. Canterbury mint, Heavy coinage, 792-796. Merican “M”, “+OFFA,” “REX” in three pelleted lines. Rv: “EO” “BA” within two lunettes, pelleted line between. Chick 227a. Extremely rare. Dark tone. Superb $22,750

One of the finest known coins of Offa, in good metal and truly remarkable, only the second known of this type.

Mercia, Cynethryth, queen of Offa, 757-796. Penny, 1.24 g. Canterbury mint, Eoba moneyer. Light coinage, 785-792. Fine style bust of Cynethryth r., “EOBA”. Rv: Mercian ‘M’, “+CYNETHRYTH REGINA”. S.909, n.339. Extremely rare. Exceptional example in good metal. EF $37,500

A remarkable example of the sole Anglo-Saxon queen to issue coins.
















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