English: 1154 - 1685

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England. Henry II, 1154-89. Penny. “Tealby, D” 1167-70. Canterbury mint. Crowned facing bust with scepter. Rv: Short cross and crosses, “WIULF:ON CA”. S.1340. Very rare. Well struck and round. Good VF $675

England. Richard I, 1189-99. Penny. “Short Cross 3a”. York mint. Crowned facing bust with scepter. Rv: Short cross and crosses, “CVCRAND ON CVC”. S.1347. Rare. Good VF $875
C for E in legend

We have acquired an extensive collection of Edward I pennies, of various mints and interesting provenance. Please enquire to us for lists of these, images and prices.

England. Edward I, 1272-1307. Groat. var. B. London mint. 1279 AD. Crowned bust facing, crescent crown, triple pellet stops. Rv. Long cross and pellets. Fox 6, N.1008. Very rare. Without the expected flaws, Lovely example. VF+ $18,750
Introduces the Groat denomination to the English coinage

England. Richard II, 1377-99. Penny, class I. London mint. Crowned bust facing. Rv. Long cross and pellets. Purvey 1, S.1686. Very rare. Good VF $1875


England. Henry IV, 1399-1413. Groat, Light coinage, 1412-13. Class II. Crowned bust facing, 10 arches to tressure. Rv: Long cross, pellets in angles. S.1727; Extremely rare. VF+ $13,750
Five known examples.
Ex Motcomb, 36; Ex Blaine, Ex FA Walter; Ex Carlyon-Britton



England. Henry IV, 1399-1413. Halfpenny, Light coinage, 1412-13. London mint. Mm Cross. Crowned bust facing. Rv: Long cross, pellets in angles. S.1737. Very rare. Broad flan. Good VF $2750
Ex SpNC 12-06 HS 2760; Ex Lockett, 1393

England. Richard III, 1483-1485. Groat, 3.07 g, London mint, mm Sun Rose 3. Crowned facing Henry VII bust type. Rv: Long cross and pellets. S.2157; Rare. aEF $7500

                    Ex Motcomb, 159; Ex Winstanley    

England. Henry VII, 1485-1509. Groat. Tentative profile. London mint. Cross-crosslet mm. 1504-05. Crowned draped bust r. Rv: Arms over long cross fourchée. N.1753; S. 2254. Lovely. EF $3750

Ex R. Sainthill collection, Sotheby 1870



England. Henry VIII, 1509-47. Groat, Third coinage, 1544-47. Tower mint, mm lis. Crowned facing bust. Rv: Long cross, Arms. S.2369. Good VF $975

 England. Edward VI, 1547-1553. Shilling, Second Period, 1549 London mint. Crowned profile bust r. Rv: Arms. N.1917 S.2465 Exceptional. Good VF $2750                                                                                                                                    

Ex R. Zander List 174 (Feb. 1967) no. 219

England. Philip & Mary, 1554-1558. Penny, mm Lis. London mint. Profile bust Mary l. Rv: Arms. S.2510 Very rare. VF $2750

England. Elizabeth I, 1558-1603. Shilling. Second Issue, 1560-61. Cross crosslet Mm. London mint. Crowned bust l. Rv: Arms. N.1985, S.2555. Good VF $1275

England. Elizabeth I, 1558-1603. Sixpence, Milled issue. 1567. Mm Lis. Crowned large broad bust l. Rv: Arms. S.2599. EF $975



England. James I, 1603-1625. Shilling. First coinage. Mm Lis. Crowned bust l.  Rv: Arms. S.2646. aEF $1875

England. Charles I, 1625-49. Half-Pound. Oxford mint, 1642. Plume mm. King on horseback over arms. Rv: Three Oxford plumes. S.2945. Rare. Beautifully toned. Good VF $8750






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