A01: Hittite, c. 1350 BC. Silver Earrings of triple ornate band design with wearable post style terminus. Elegant jewelry from the Anatolian empire that sacked Babylon in 1595 BC and fought with Rameses II. Superb condition. $1500.00

Ex Ebbesen collection

A02: Mycenaean Greece, 1600 BC. pottery Askos. 166mm long. River design, wavy pattern of red lines. The scarce Askos shape derives from Cycladic origin. Minor expert conservation, Lovely example. $1650.00

A03: Rome, 1st Century AD. Terracotta oil lamp with Erotic scene of man embracing reclining woman. Intact without flaw. Lovely Example. $1250.00

A04: Greek, South Italian colonies, Apulia. c. 400 BC. 105mm wide, 100mm height. Black ware pottery Skyphos. Plain black with red foot. Intact and a lovely example. $1250.00

A05: Greek, colonies in Sicily, Syracuse. c. 350 BC. Small pottery pitcher. 35mm tall. Found near Syracuse. Lovely example. $550.00

Ex Corso collection.

A06: Minoan, Middle period. 1600 BC. Green serpentine Seal Amulet. Swastika Sun pattern. Gia.pl.xxi, 127. Very rare and attractive. $1350.00

A07:Greece, Peloponnesus. 800 BC. bronze Bull. 87mm long. Walking Bull. Very rare. Pleasing green patina. Lovely example. $4750.00

A08: Anglo-Saxon England, c. 680 AD. Gold Pendant, Domed with triple beaded circle. Rare and very nice. $1250.00

A09: Viking Ireland, Norse: 900-950 AD. Weight of 21/2 Ortug, 21.8 g., 22 mm. Gilt interlace design inset to lead. $975.00

Found near York 1977

A10: British Celts: 1000 BC. Tinned Bronze socketed Axe head. Superb. $750.00

A11: British Celts: 1000 BC. Tinned Bronze sword chape. Nice condition. $675.00

A12: Scythians: 800 BC. Gold Leopard plaque. 20mm. Very rare. Nice condition. $1750.00

A13: Scythians: 800 BC. Bronze Ram Warrior Badge. 45mm. Very rare. Nice condition. $950.00

A14: Rome, 5th Century AD. Gold ring with blue stone. 20mm band diameter. Intact & lovely example. $1250.00

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