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Anglo Saxon: 899 - 1135AD

A selection from inventory

Wessex, Aelfred the Great, 871-899. Penny, 1.59 g. ‘Two Line’, Mercian mint, 880-899. Small cross. Rv: “CUDBERHT” in two lines. N.637. Rare. EF $4750

Ex Lord Stewartby, 146; Bt Seaby 1962; Ex Cuerdale Hoard 1840


England, Aethelstan, 924-939. Penny, ‘Circumscription. York mint. Small cross, bar below, “ETHELSTAN REX TO BRIT”. Rv: “REGNALD MO EOFERPIC”. S.1093. Very rare. EF $2950


England, Eadwig, 946-955. Penny, ‘Two Line’. Small cross. Rv: “ISENBERHT MO” in two lines. S.1122. Rare. Good VF $3750



England. Cnut, 1016-35. Penny, “Quatrefoil”, Cambridge mint, 1017-24. Crowned bust left in quatrefoil. Rv: Long cross, in quatrefoil, “ADAM ON GRANT”. N.781. Scarce. EF $1650

England., Emma, widow of Cnut. 1035. Penny, “Jewel Cross”, London mint, 1035. Diademed bust l. ‘CNUT REX’ Rv: Jewel lobed cross, “SRALALIN ON LUND”. S.1163. Extremely rare. EF $13,750

England. Harold I, 1035-40. Penny, “Fleur de Lis”, Exeter mint, 1038-1040. Diademed armored bust l. with scepter.  Rv: Long cross and fleurs, “EDIMER ON ECXE”. S.1163. Extremely rare.  EF $4750

England. Harthacnut, 1035-37, 1040-42. Penny, “Jewel Cross”, Oxford mint, Spring-Autumn 1036. Diademed bust l., HARTHACNUT R. Rv: Jewel lobed cross, “EGELPI ON OEXE”. S.1167. Extremely rare.  EF $13,750

England. Edward the Confessor, 1042-66. Penny, “Pacx”, London mint, 1042-44. Diademed bust l. Rv: Long cross, CRUX in quarters, “BRIHTMAER ON LUN”. N.814/1, Pagan, PACX, #217 (dies D/c) this coin. Extremely rare. EF $4750

Ex Eaglen, 1444; Ex Wayne collection; An exceptionally rare variety

England. William I, 1066-87. Penny, Paxs, 1083-86. Shaftesbury mint. Crowned facing bust with sceptre. Rv: Short cross, PAXS in angles, “IELNOTH ON SCIEF”, S.1257. Rare. EF $1275

England. William II, 1087-1100. Penny, “Cross Pattee Fleury”, London mint,1095-98. Crowned bust facing, stars. Rv: Saltire cross fleury, “AEGELWORD ON LUN”. N.855. Very rare. VF+ $3750

England. Henry I, 1100-35. Halfpenny, .51 g. Salisbury mint. 1107-1110. Bare headed facing bust. Rv: Cross Potent, pellets. SAPINE ON S. N.872 Extremely rare. Good VF $18,750
First English Halfpenny since the Reform of Eadgar in 973, the only Norman Halfpenny. One of the finest known of 18 examples, almost all of which are now in museums.


England. Henry I, 1100-35. Penny. “Pax”. Hastings mint, c. 1103. Crowned facing bust with scepter. Rv: “PAX” in panel, annulets, “SPERLING ON HAST”. N.859, S.1264. Very rare. Good VF $2950


England. Stephen, 1135-54. Penny. “Watford”. Hastings mint, 1136-45. Crowned profile bust with sceptre. Rv: Cross moline, ‘SAPINE ON HAEST’. S.1278. Rare. Good VF $1875

England. Stephen, 1135-54. Penny. “Cross Voided”. London mint, 1145-50. Crowned facing bust with sceptre. Rv: Short Cross, mullets, “TERRI ON: LUN”.  N.878. Very rare. EF $4750
One of the finest known of this usually poor issue for the final phase of the Anarchy.


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